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42126 Alternate Build Off-road truck with crane

42126 Alternate Build Off-road truck with crane

Hi everyone, we had our Raptor set parts sitting around and after we built a Jeep Gladiator out of the Raptor we decided to build something packed with little features that will add extra value to this licensed set. 

We present to you an Offroad Truck with a crane!


  • Clean and working V6 engine under the hood
  • openable hood with a stand to keep it open
  • hog steering (removable top nob)
  • opening doors
  • interior
  • snorkel
  • exhaust
  • 2x4 drive 
  • solid axle set up throughout model
  • new front axle that has improved steering
  • Outriggers with an easy lock
  • wheel chocks that are stored at the side of the model
  • outrigger pads (recommend making custom ones**)
  • crane arm with extendable boom

Please note that to fully build this model you will need a rubber band (any type will do).

This model features PDF instructions that have been sampled out to MOC builders for checking and they include some tricky techniques, however, I have included text and various arrows in the instructions to help you to build it easier. 

If you do have a problem please contact me and I will get onto it right away.

23/04/2022-----Uploaded Stud io file for more angles for the instructions. 
(assists cryptic instruction angles)

    AU$23,99 Regulær pris
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