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Built The Lego Technic Mercedes-Benz Zetros, What Now?

Instead of letting you Lego Technic Mercedes Zetros Trial Truck sit on a table and gather dust, consider building our expedition version!

Our Expedition Version Of the Lego Mercedes Zetros features a full camping set just like the real model.

We tried to model the exterior to be close to the real-life counterpart within reason. Visually the 15-foot unit looks similar to our model and has similar features in common which include:

  • Awning

  • Interior with dedicated seating area, bedding and kitchen (kitchen has to be built with bricks haha)

  • rear compartment storage along with a lock

  • Openable windows for ventilation

  • Flexible but sturdy structure for offroading

  • openable door

  • Additional step ladder that can be used to enter the unit

  • Additional storage on the door side of the unit that has a separate compartment to the rear storage

  • space for jerry cans

  • Space for extra wheel

Just like the original 42129, this model retains all of its features that include:

  • A Lockable central and rear differential

  • Solid axle design

  • A full 4x4 drivetrain

  • Offroad wheels

  • hood with (fake) engine

  • Sturdy structure that is built to handle anything

If You want to see more creations and models like this, click the button below.

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