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Hey everyone, we are sharing our MOC building processs

stage by stage, showing what we encounter when we are building a new MOCs!

Hopefully, we can get twice or more a month going and you should all stay tuned!

So to begin this workbench post we would like to outline our new project, we are building a 4x4 Off-road Car! We will go in stages and show you our thoughts when we make our modules and other functions. First things first we need to research what we are planning on making, second we are going to evaluate how complex we want the model to be and finally, we will try and compile some requirements that we will use to design our model.

1. Research

- We are going for a simple 4x4 aesthetic that has a timeless design

- We prefer the 4x4 to be 2 doors like a Suzuki or a Toyota off-roader, however, we don't mind having four doors.

-It needs to be capable

-It needs to be designed in a way that will make modifications and add-ons very easy

-We also would like to, if possible, replicate an existing EV 4x4 or create our own custom design.

2. Complexity

-For this model, our aim is to design a robust yet flexible chassis that could be easily modified to create a longer car. We would also like this chassis to be driven and steered using open diffs throughout the model and also include an optional switch from a 2wd to a 4wd (Manual lever?) making the off-roader a part-time 4x4. Another alternative is to design this model with a simple gear reduction but keeping it a permanent AWD.

The body of this car will be designed to be removable that can be easily removed by unplugging a few pins. This will mean the body will be moderately detailed but strong enough to withstand someone picking the whole model by the top!

3. Summary of the project

To summarise our 4x4 project we will aim to have the following requirements for the model

  1. The chassis must be compact, strong, powered (C+)

  2. The bodywork will be fully removable via a few pins holding it to the body

  3. Simplicity is the theme for this model, so the whole model should use parts that get the job done not look pretty!

Thanks, everyone for reading this Workbench Post

Don't forget to Comment and Like this Post

Stay tuned in for more developments on this project. Also, we will be releasing some instructions that may be requested for some parts of our model!

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