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Workbench Update PT2!!!

Hey everyone, CrazyKreations here with another Workbench update on our 4x4 vehicle!

Let's have a quick recap.

The challenge:

To construct an electric pickup truck that resembles a modern-day car using only LEGO Technic. Inspired by real-life electric vehicles, the aim was to capture the essence of modern automotive design and translate it into the world of LEGO bricks.

A Sturdy Foundation:

The chassis is the backbone of any vehicle, providing strength and stability. CrazyKreations meticulously designed the LEGO Technic Electric Pickup Truck chassis to ensure it possessed the robustness necessary to handle the challenges of both on- and off-road terrains. A combination of advanced Technic components and creative engineering techniques brought this vision to life.

During development, we thoroughly tested the pickup truck's chassis and reinforced the weakest links in the model. Some changes we made are;

  • Using 2 motors instead of 3 for space management.

  • Adding support beams to hold the motors in place while not taking up too much space

  • Placing a load of 5kg on the front end of the chassis and rear end to check strength!

  • Making it go over some slightly-rough terrain to check flexibility and integrity.

Don't just take our word for it because later on we will release some videos of the pickup truck's chassis testing!

Stay tuned!!!!!!

A preview of the finished product!

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