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42126 | Jeep Gladiator Gravity

42126 | Jeep Gladiator Gravity

I present to you a Jeep Gladiator Gravity-inspired vehicle made out of only the parts from the Ford F150 Raptor! Now it was a real challenge to design some parts of this model only using the parts available in the Raptor however, I really believe that this model looks good and that its suspension (highlight of this model) surpasses the Raptor.


This model is based on a variety of different custom jeep designs but its main inspiration is the Jeep Gladiator Gravity!




  • Steering via a gear at the top

  • Simple, matching and pleasant interior

  • NO DOORS (Preferred for a better 'offroad' look)

  • Opening tailgate and large bed

  • Opening hood with working engine

  • Solid 4 link axle front and rear suspension

  • Amazing flex

  • Great design!

  • Conversation Starter!




This is the real highlight of the model. The suspension has incredible flex with a record of 4 stacked Mercedes Arocs Wheels under one tyre (video has proof). The suspension is bouncy and it is really fun to play with surpassing the Raptor's suspension in our opinion. The steering is unique as it uses 2 suspension linkages (arm/pole/ beam things) to steer the front two wheels.


It uses a refined rear axle that isn't as bulky as the Raptor's but still keeps that firmness. The front axle uses 4 suspension arms to reinforce the front suspension but with a different type of link for the bottom that doesn't harm clearance but increase flex unbelievably.




Due to the lack of space in this model, we weren’t able to add an extremely detailed interior so we decided to design it in a simple and sporty way that will be pleasing to look at and display. The seats match the colour scheme of the model and yes they are different to the original Raptor’s seats. The no door design was just a no brainer as there weren’t enough parts and besides, it looks radical without it!




The bed was a challenge to make as we were running out of parts so we designed it as plain as possible and tried to make sure the colours matched the whole vehicle. The fenders, however, are a different story. It was a hard design but we came up with something that looked like a Jeep’s fenders using only the small remaining parts.


We enjoyed designing a model for you guys so please subscribe to know when our next alternate will be available!



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Tradie Tray MOD


    24,00AU$ Обычная цена
    Alternate: 42126
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