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42126 | Sherp

42126 | Sherp

Hello everyone, CK here and today we present to you one of our favourite vehicles designed from the parts from the Lego Technic Ford F-150 Raptor. We enjoyed building this and watching it drive around in the dirt and sand so we made instructions for it.


One of the key difficulties of this model was to try and make it an all-wheel-drive but due to the lack of gears, we were unable to do that. Even using 4 motors wasn’t an option so we decided to keep it simple and use 2 L motors as the basic skid steering.


Of course, the front photo's wheels aren't the Raptor's but I could only render it with those wheels as I couldn't find the Raptor's wheels on Studio. In other words, the Sherp ONLY works with the Raptor's wheels.


Video coming soon…


When you purchase this MOC you will get high-quality PDF instructions generated from Studio.

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