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42154 Volvo Iron Knight

42154 Volvo Iron Knight

Hey everyone!
The time has come for us to reveal a special alternate build for the 42156 Ford GT! We have rebuilt it to be a VOLVO iron knight and we have a few interesting features that we would like to analyse and showcase how it looks in a video we have below.
Without further ado let's go into what the Iron Knight is. The Volvo Iron Knight is a race truck specially designed by the Volvo racing team that was specifically designed to be an absolute beast. The truck featured 4 turbochargers released 2,400 Horsepower and 4,425 pound-feet of torque. It used a dual-clutch system that is also included in most of Volvo's trucks but the whole body was redesigned to be a light, lean record-breaking machine!
Features of our VOLVO IRON KNIGHT
  • A realistic working V6 engine
  • Iron Knight's unique exhaust and detailing
  • RWD
  • Rear solid axle suspension
  • Front independent suspension
  • HOG (Hand of God) Steering for front wheels
  • Smooth drivetrain
  • Racing Minimalist Interior
  • Iron Knight lights
  • Opening the front Grille to reveal the steering
  • And it of course is only built from parts included in the LEGO 42154 FORD GT
Suspension and Steering
The IRON KNIGHT uses a solid axle in the rear and independent front suspension which is steered. The rear axle drives the V6 engine in the back of the truck. For looks, we decided to keep the model levelled for those who want a more aesthetic display of the model, this means that the rear solid axle suspension has limited suspension capabilities in its current state. This can easily be changed by doing a quick modification we are going to release to those who want this option on our website. The suspension modification simply moves the connection point of the rear suspension pieces down 1 stud! It's very simple and effective but we will still release instructions for it.
The instructions for this model are made up of a 272-page booklet featuring 643 instruction steps. I made these instructions in the popular program Studio and they come in a high-quality PDF format. They include detailed angles and steps to help you build this legendary truck, it also includes a bill of materials at the end for those who want to gather the exact parts beforehand.
These instructions took some time to make and I've checked them quite a few times over but if I have missed something or it isn't clear enough please don't hesitate to send me a Private message to my rebrickable profile or head to my website and fill in the support form and I'll get onto it right away!
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