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Air Jordan 1 High

Air Jordan 1 High

The history of Nike Air Jordans goes back a long way. These Chicago Nike Air Jordan 1's are reimagined in a creative and display-worthy Lego MOC. Inspired by other Great designers we give you an iconic shoe's building instructions for free in PDF form




CrazyKreations Presents:

Nike Air Jordan 1

  • Dimensions


    Length 25
    Width 10
    Height 14.8



    Length 20
    Width 8
    Height 11.8


  • Instructions

    The instructions included in this MOC is a PDF file.

  • Part list

    The part list is available on our rebrickable account. If you click the link at the top of the webpage that says "Rebrickable" you are directed to our profile where you can go through our MOC's to find this model. Then you can check the inventory on this model's page on rebrickable.

    However, the part list is available via link in the description.

  • Extra information

    For more information on this model please go to our rebrickable page (link at the top of the webpage on the heading). Any other information can be asked in the comments or emailed to us.

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