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Lego 42129 Mercedes Zetros Expedition Truck

Lego 42129 Mercedes Zetros Expedition Truck

Hey everyone this project has been on our build list to make for such a long time that we think it's time we build our own Mercedes Zetros 1833 expedition truck. Please note that if you have any questions about the model please reach out to us on our new Facebook or via private message here on rebrickable. Please like and follow as well as leave a comment. 

So this is a replica of a Mercedes Zetros 1833 that uses an expedition truck conversion company's design for the camper rear addition. So this model is actually designed after Bliss Mobil's 15-foot standard unit on a Mercedes Zetros 1833 chassis. We tried to model the exterior to be close to the real-life counterpart within reason. Visually the 15-foot unit looks similar to our model and has similar features in common which include:

  • Awning
  • Interior with dedicated seating area, bedding and kitchen (kitchen has to be built with bricks haha)
  • rear compartment storage along with a lock
  • Openable windows for ventilation
  • Flexible but sturdy structure for offroading
  • openable door
  • Additional step ladder that can be used to enter the unit
  • Additional storage on the door side of the unit that has a separate compartment to the rear storage
  • space for jerry cans
  • Space for extra wheel

Those features are also used in conjunction with the vehicle the unit is mounted onto, the actual Zetros. So as you may have noticed this is basically the original 42129 Mercedes Zetros lego technic set that has had a few visual and structural changes that have been made in order to correctly mount and connect the unit on top of it. We have a Behind the Brick video on our site's blog that will show you more about how the unit is mounted on the model and precisely what changes were made in order to make this happen that is available to the buyers. Just like the original 42129, this model retains all of its features that include:

  • A Lockable central and rear differential
  • Solid axle design
  • A full 4x4 drivetrain
  • Offroad wheels
  • hood with (fake) engine
  • Sturdy structure that is built to handle anything

I do recommend to all buyers of this model that you reinforce the rear axle on the 42129 Mercedes Zetros. I know that Racing brick and many others have made a great way to do that, this is just in case you want to take this thing offroad and don't want any clicking whatsoever under the added weight of this model.

Instructions V1.2--- Corrected README file as it took buyers to a random file, now it's a pdf that takes you to the intended message!

The Instructions for this model are PDF instructions made using software and have been adjusted and edited in order to help the builder to make this model as simple as possible. There is also a video of how to install the camper that is available for those who have purchased this model. However, please note that these instructions are meant for intermediate builders with average building experience. These Instructions are only for the Camper Module on the back of the 42129 Zetros and how to install it on the truck's chassis




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