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Technic Turntable

Technic Turntable

Hello Everyone, CrazyKreations here, for this blog post we would like to share a mini technic turntable that we have designed. We have noticed that many lego builders want to design a rotating turntable that can; display some of their MOCs, turn a mini crane or superstructure. The list is endless.


We have utilised a worm gear design that will help you to slow down the speed of the turns and also increase torque.


To watch a video of this in action please go to this  >>>link<<<

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  • Part list

    Partlist is available via our rebrickable model page or via this link!

  • More information

    For more information on this model please go to our rebrickable page (link at the top of the webpage on the heading) or contact us by sending us an email. Any other information can be asked in the comments or emailed to us.

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