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Red Unimog U2150 L Heavy Truck by ikorgik

A designer who goes by the name ikorgik has designed an amazing lego technic U2150 Unimog L. Now I have the pleasure of interviewing him on this amazing model, but before we start to go into some details about the Unimog let's get to know the designer.


Can you tell us something about yourself? Who is behind ikorgik?

Ikorgik: My name is Artem, I am 32 years old, I work as a graphic designer, I live in Moscow in Russia

When did you discover your love for lego?

Ikorgik: The first set I had when I was 6 years old, it was small sets of Lego city, castle, aquazone, wild west, I still remember the catalogue of 1996. The cherished dream was the 5571 Giant Truck set. Then Lego was replaced by computer games, walking with friends. I started collecting Lego models again in 2019, saw some BrickGarage RM8 videos, and bought myself 42077 and 42095. Now I buy many new sets and something from the old ones. Lego has always liked the fact that you can build something of your own.

Did you get inspired to make this model?

ikorgik: There is a group of Lego fans in Moscow who organize races once a month. They prepare specific conditions for each race and based on them, the participants build their models, for this race it was necessary to build a truck on 62mm wheels. Before that, I was building a small Unimog on 56 mm wheels from the new jeep wrangler, and I became interested in building the same one on 62 mm. After I built the Unimog, I decided to put new buggy wheels on it, and it turned out that it looks amazing on them.

How long did it take you to build this model?

Ikorgik: I built two Unimogs in two weeks, in the evenings, the main idea was to make almost identical models, but with different electrics, on Power function and Control plus.

Walk us through your line of thinking when you were designing this model?

Ikorgik: I try to build models of real cars, as a rule, these are SUVs, I start from the size of lego wheels and build according to the blueprint. This car had to have a suspension, the interior of the car, the car should go well on stones and sand, I paid no less attention to the external similarity. I tried to make the truck look like a real one and with good driving qualities.

Was the design of the truck heavily limited to the parts you had earlier?

Ikorgik: Lego construction is always a search for compromises, there are a lot of cool old parts, there are new ones, but they are not always at hand, this has its own charm, you have to look for loopholes, come up with solutions that are not always obvious. So there were no strong restrictions, if something did not work out the first time, I redid it, just so it happened with the grey Unimog.

Do you buy sets with the intention of designing them? Or do you buy parts individually?

Ikorgik: More often I buy sets, I start from the details, the basic sets are on the shelf for about a month, then I disassemble and start assembling something of my own, but I also buy on bricklink separately.

What’s your favourite lego theme and why?

Ikorgik: My favourite ones are, model team lego, Creator, Expert, and of course Technic, these are the 3 most favourite directions, model team lego and Creator, Expert, exceed their elaboration, complexity, you can admire them for hours. In Technic, most of all, I like the opportunity to motorize cars, make them drive slowly over obstacles, or quickly on a flat surface, supplement them with a winch, install lighting, or a bunch of other things that can come to mind.

The MOC.

I hope you all enjoyed the interview, Ikorgik showed gave some insight on how to design a MOC and a few hidden tips that can help everyone to become better MOC builders.

Now let's check out this model, here is the description that was found on Rebrickable. That he wrote on the MOC's page:

A copy of the Unimog U2150 L heavy truck model, working suspension, all-wheel drive. The model uses an electrician Powered UP, two L motors for movement, 1 L motor for turning, powered by a large hub Powered UP.

To see more of his high-quality photos please go to his >>>>bricksafe link<<<

First Impressions.

I am also privileged enough to ask an experienced MOC builder who goes by the name OldEnoughBrickFan to give us his first impressions of this model.

From: OldEnoughBrickFan:

Ikorgik’s Unimog U2150 is another example that this is possible to create great design or functionality using a surprisingly small scale. Looking at MOC dimensions we can assume this is pretty much fitting the Corvette or Car Transporter scale. An impressive model of the worldwide known vehicle and I can see why it’s U2150 version – not complicated car body style along with light’s mounted in the massive front bumper making it very nice fitting in Lego elements scaling(I missing small blinkers to be pushed in “pins” on sides, the bulb trans orange elements 58176, like in Claas Xerion set)

I must check how it’s made one day, unfortunately, I must get the Wheels to do it. An interesting and very nice fact about MOC is having two versions – this one with Control+ and the second – Dark Bluish Gray Unimog based on Power Functions and BuWizz control unit. Everything packet in digital PDF instructions with pretty reasonable prices.

Final thoughts.

This model is well designed, well planned and also it just looks amazing. Ikorgik truly put in soo much thought into making this Unimog one of the best online. As OldEnoughBrickFan has said, I think this is an excellent example of how to marry an excellent design with fantastic functionality.

If you wish to purchase this model please go to this Rebrickable Link. The instructions are generated on Studio

And are of HIGH QUALITY.

I hope everyone enjoyed this Review on the Red U2150 Unimog L Heavy truck by Ikorgik. Please leave comments and share this article.

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